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With more than three decades of combined experience in litigating maritime, offshore, pharmaceutical and asbestos-related disease and injury claims, The Ferrell Maritime and Mesothelioma Law Group are as widely recognized for their commitment to obtaining positive outcomes for their clients as they are for their integrity in the legal field at large. Mr. Ferrell has represented hundreds of plaintiffs across the nation, and has acted as lead counsel in both state and federal court lawsuits as well as a multitude of arbitrations brought before the American Arbitration Association.

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Thousands of maritime and offshore claims are made by injured seamen every year. Thousands of other claims are made by workers in the oil-patch, whether onshore or offshore. We all know that work has been scarcer recently and that employers are becoming more difficult than ever to accommodate. This is exactly why you need an aggressive law firm who will vigorously pursue your claim and protect your rights. You need counsel who knows the maritime, offshore and drilling industries and how to make sure that you get the best possible settlement or verdict. The Ferrell Maritime and Mesothelioma Law Group are, without a doubt, those lawyers.

Choosing An Attorney For Your Litigation

Often times, individuals who work in the maritime, offshore and building industries have been put in harm’s way and cannot afford the needed or necessary medical treatment.  An injury or illness caused by your job can result in grievous financial harm and heartbreak to you and the family members who rely on you. These injuries and illnesses can leave workers and their families destitute while the companies that caused their injuries and illnesses continue to profit. Workers and families are essentially robbed of their savings, quality time together as a family, and the ability to work and earn a living. The scales have been tipped on the side of corporate greed for far too long.

The Ferrell Maritime and Mesothelioma Law Group strives to obtain the most compensation available for you and your family. By fighting the corporate greed we demand that our clients who innocently worked in unsafe or hazardous conditions, generated by a company who puts profits ahead of safety, are not forgotten and are fully compensated. We make sure those who caused the injury or illness are held accountable.

Choosing the right attorney to assist you in your claim is a necessary first step toward holding these companies responsible for all damages suffered in an accident or toxic exposure. This is a very personal decision on your part and should not be taken lightly.

Above all, you need someone in your corner
  • who is going to fight hard for you
  • who will not accept anything less than you deserve
  • who is understanding and empathetic to your situation and that of your family
  • who is completely, totally and 100% invested in your future

James Ferrell: Maritime, Offshore, Mesothelioma and Pharmaceutical Injury Litigation

James Ferrell raises his voice for those unfortunate enough to have suffered an injury due to maritime and offshore incidents and asbestos exposure, and for those who continue to suffer the ravages of Mesothelioma. He and his team pursue every possible avenue to ensure his clients are justly and fairly compensated for the injury and illness they will bear for the rest of their lives. Complicating matters, many companies have or are going to declare bankruptcy due to the economic climate in the oil, maritime and commercial building industries.  The Ferrell Maritime and Mesothelioma Law Group closely watches and monitors the activities of these companies, substantiating all avenues in the pursuit of adequate compensation for his clients.

Having tried dozens of cases to a positive verdict, defendant companies are well aware that Mr. Ferrell simply does not settle. For these companies, there will be no “easy way out”, as James Ferrell consistently delivers positive outcomes for his clients. His vast knowledge has set a precedent among defense attorneys.  When a defendant realizes they are facing Mr. Ferrell, they are less likely to even attempt a low settlement. Retaining The Ferrell Maritime and Mesothelioma Law Group to oversee your claims and litigation gives you the upper edge and strength you will need to obtain a fast and equitable settlement so that you and your family can begin the process of healing.


  • Maritime Personal Injury and Death
  • Mesothelioma, Asbestos Related Lung Cancer and Other Diseases of the Lungs
  • Drugs and Medical Device Injuries and Deaths

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Recent News

Jones County Circuit Court, MS. Represented plaintiff, Russell Nix, a mid-80s oil field worker who utilized Super Visbestos two to three times per week on his job site. Mr. Nix’s use of this product exposed him to high levels of asbestos. Through expert testimony Mr. Ferrell proved that Mr. Nix’s diagnoses of Mesothelioma was a direct result of his exposure to Super Visbestos. As a result, plaintiff was awarded Judgment against Union Carbide alone in excess of $1,000,000 and an additional undisclosed amount amongst other defendants. A Pre-trial offer of $30,000 was rejected.
In the District Court of Harris County, Texas, 55th Judicial District. Counsel for plaintiffs.  Jones Act case involving brain stem injury to Jones Act seaman. Pre-trial demand $850,000, pre-trial offer $750,000, $3,500,000 judgment.